Call Center Consulting

Call center Consulting and Contact Center Consulting Services:
Telemerk Group covers all the necessary topics for the implementation of a call center project, such as: location, design, redesign of existing projects, layout and infrastructure, call center technology selection and support, trunk lines, organizational structure, strategic planning, forecasts, customer sales strategies, goals, call center statistics, budgets, funding, contact center metrics, service model analysis, market analysis, benchmarking, job descriptions, incentives for call centers employees, staffing assessment and call center workforce management, financial compensation schemes, recruiting, training models for call centers supervisors, data bases, reference scripts, call monitoring and quality control, information security services, contingencies, pilot tests and overall call centers and contact center performance, Call Center Outsourcing, Hispanic Call Center, Call Center Training and Call Center Best Practices Assessment and Certification.


Telemerk Group Call Center Consultants averages more than 18 years of experience in the implementation of call center and contact center projects in Mexico, Latin America, Europe and the United States in the following industries: banking, insurance, infomercial response, land-line services, long distance calling, mobile telephony, retail and distribution, B2B sales, entertainment, hospitality and catering, home delivery service, real estate, technical support, utilities, healthcare services, emergency services, automotive industry, aeronautics, government, political parties, press and advertising agencies, polling firms, television industry, manufacturing industry, multilevel marketing companies, universities, associations and nonprofits, among others.

Call center and contact center operations consulting services:
Assessment and counseling services for our client’s call center and contact center against best practices and our vast experience in the industry with more than 18 years of working with call centers of small, medium and lots of multinationals and 500 Fortune companies. The call center is analyzed using a proprietary tool which allows us to assess and classify the overall status of the call center and to clarify the expectations, practices, processes, systems and results that need to be improved, implemented or changed.

We go hand in hand with our clients to help them reach their goals and their potential designing a specific program for each one since we know that no call center is alike.

Our mission as call center and contact center consultants is to help our clients with all the aspects that integrate a call center operation, including it´s vision and goals, the implementation and staff, the technology and the overall performance among all the levels of its organization: internal and external providers, chain of supply, management, supervisors and TSRs.

We do all this thru a unique assessment and rating method in which our experts analyze the present status of the call center in accordance to the industry call center standards and our own set of regulations that we have gathered throughout our years of experience. Based on the results of this assessment and rating method we may: design from scratch the call center and contact center or redesign it keeping in mind the specifics, the resources and the projects of each call center or contact center implement or change the focus of the call center or contact center based on its current projects or future projects (only in-bound operation, only out-bound operation, in-bound and out-bound operation, social media based operation, etc.) define the type of technology necessary to operate, evaluate the current call center technology to see if it meets the criteria and recommend to our clients the best option available on the market according to each call centers or contact centers project requirements, budget, type of facilities, in-bound and out-bound call flow rates, social media platforms and much more elaborate or modify the operational processes taking in account the industries standards, the customers satisfaction and the result of the metrics work along side our clients to make all the necessary changes in the organization chart in order to take advantage of the budget and improve the productivity using out workforce management and optimization techniques, the facilities and the technology that the call center or the contact center currently has to offer design or redesign the staff schedules according to the call center or contact centers peak hours, holidays, current or future projects needs and any possible contingencies implement incentives for the personnel based on the achieved goals provide constant call center training and support in sales, operations and all the areas that integrate a call center or contact center using a very non traditional approach design a workforce motivation program in order to promote a stable and collaborating work environment identify possible market needs and opportunities, analyze potential targets and elaborate customer service surveys and satisfaction level metrics.

BPO consulting for call center’s and contact center’s operation (Bilingual and Hispanic Call Center Consultants & Experts):
We analyze the challenges of each call center and contact center´s project to determine its feasibility, opportunity and potential for it to be operated by a BPO with a Hispanic and Bilingual Call Center strategy in Mexico. Telemerk Group has implemented, coached and operated the most renowned call centers and contact centers in Mexico and Latin America , including USA and Europe that offer outsourcing services for inbound and outbound contacts. This experience lets our clients know and understand what an ideal call center and contact center project operation looks like and also, lets them be actively supportive in all the migration process of their call center or contact center.


Technology consulting for call centers and contact centers:
The elevated call center technology costs are an important factor in the evaluation of a call center and contact center project. Despite this, with today’s fast paced technological advances on the call center and contact center fields, the costs have reduced immensely.

Through our call center technology consulting service for call centers and contact centers our goal as Telemerk Group is that our clients can obtain first hand information about the tools and its manufacturers that go in accordance to their project so that in the end, they can maximize their call center and contact center’s potential.




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